Residential Carpet Cleaning
Hard Surface Interior

We use rotary extraction equipment. Most companies use the wand that has been around for 40 years. Sure, there have been improvements to the wand, but the one thing that has not changed is that the wand gets it’s “Power” from the person pushing it.


We use motorized rotary extraction equipment. This electric powered equipment costs 10 times as much as a wand but is it working just as hard at 5 pm as it was at 8 am.


The jets on the wand or rotary equipment does the work of cleaning. A 6 jet wand pushed back and forth once per second (that is really working hard) makes 360 jet passes a minute. Our rotary tool uses 6 jets, but spins at 250 rpms. That is 1500 jet passes a minute. Which do you think will get it cleaner?

Would you let someone armed with a pressure washer into your home or business. NO WAY. But that is exactly what we can do.


Our equipment is designed from the ground up for hard surface cleaning. It is not carpet cleaning equipment where hard surface is an after thought.


The difference is we can produce up to 240 degrees of heat and 3000 psi of cleaning pressure to blast the dirt from the surface while our heavy duty vacuum pump sucks all the muck out of the building fast.


We don’t move dirt around, we surgically extract it. A typical carpet cleaner machine struggles to achieve 800 psi and 180 degrees of heat. It just isn’t enough for getting hard surfaces clean.

Hard Surface Exterior
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Why use us instead of a pressure washing company?


A typical pressure washing company uses cold water and they move the dirt around.


• As they work forward on a surface they move the dirt from in front of them to further in front of them.


• They are building up more and more soil that they have to keep moving. Also they have to keep the spray head an equal distance from the surface or they will get a very uneven cleaning.


• They can not control where their runoff is going, so it ends up in planting beds or worse in local ponds or streams where it should not be.

We use equipment on wheels with vacuum. We remove the dirt as we go instead of pushing it along, our spray head height is consistent and since we vacuum up our dirty water at the instant it is created we can deliver it to the right spot for proper waste water management.


This process is much faster, safer and environmentally friendly than traditional pressure washing and the outcome is simply better looking and more even.

Commercial carpet is a unique situation. Typically the carpet is glued down to either cement or the subfloor. In residential carpet the carpet is laid over a pad and the pad give us the ability to pull air though it to help us lift the water out of the carpet during cleaning.


In a commercial application, you simply can’t pull air through cement. This makes if very hard to lift the water from carpet as we clean. This can lead to spots wicking back, carpets taking way too long to dry and cleaning solutions being left in the carpet because we can’t rinse them out efficiently.


This is why on commercial carpet cleaning we recommend a VLM (very low moisture) approach. With modern chemistry we can get carpets looking great, smelling great, dry in a couple hours and avoid all the normal pitfalls of glued down carpet. And it is faster than traditional carpet cleaning, allowing us to perform this outstanding service at an incredibly affordable cost per square foot. The pricing will vary some depending on obstacles, furniture moving and total area to be cleaned, but we typically find this approach gets a better result and saves companies 15 to 20% over traditional approaches.